Conscious Homes

Conscious Homes is an Environmentally Sustainable Design and Building business focused on environmentally responsible architecture and construction


Conscious Homes Director Llewellyn Pritchard is a registered Architect, registered Domestic and Commercial Builder Unlimited with over twenty years of experience practicing as an ESD based Architect and Builder. In 2006 Conscious Homes won the National HIA Greensmart Award for Resource Efficient Housing acknowledging Conscious Homes cutting edge ecologically sustainable construction systems and buildings.

Llewellyn Pritchard regularly holds workshops and information sessions on environmentally friendly design and construction through municipal council programs and independently based on interest and numbers. Several environmentally Conscious Homes designed by Llewellyn Pritchard have been published many times in articles describing excellent examples of ESD buildings. Llewellyn Pritchard was a contributor to the Australian Consumer Association Choice Book “Warm House Cool House” “Inspirational designs for low-energy housing”.


Conscious Homes Services

Environmentally Sustainable Design considers the impact of all stages of the life cycle of a building from
natural resource use and production, included embodied energy, construction methods, performance of
materials in a building and the eventual recycling of the components.

Resource Efficiency

Made of mud and recycled base bricks together with a light weight skeletal steel frame and plantation ply roof beams our ESD Conscious Home is very resource efficient.

Passive Solar Design

The final building is thermally efficient with comfort levels far higher than conventional buildings and houses. It rates over 6 stars on the SEAV First Rate program.

Waste Water Treatment

Concealed waste water treatment plant clarifies and reuses all waste water both grey and black. The purified water is pumped to an underground dripper system that waters the indigenous and vegetable gardens.

Rainwater Harvesting

A space efficient 80,000 litre underground rain water tank catches all the roof water for use as the total domestic water supply